Pricing TAPROOT Whole Foods Catering Grand Junction, CO


One of the unique things about Taproot Catering is that we do not work off of set menus. This enables us to truly cater to our clients, creating meals and events that reflect their individual health goals and palates. We work with several area farmers to source the majority of our ingredients, so choosing foods that reflect the current season ensures the freshest and most nutritionally dense meals.

For events, pricing is based on food costs and estimated preparation time. We like to work with our clients to choose a menu that suits them, contact our producers and create an estimate before we finalize any event. Clients review our estimate, we make any necessary changes and after approval, we are in business.

 Events can be scheduled based on availability. We request a two-week notice whenever possible.

 All pricing may vary based on special circumstances.


Pricing TAPROOT Whole Foods Catering Grand Junction, CO